“Since its inception, the essential purpose of this day has been to offer a VIP experience to a group of children who would otherwise never have the opportunity to be spoilt in this fashion. They’re essentially transported to Disney World for the day! Getting business leaders to serve and assist in making this day special, has proven to be a most humbling experience for all who have given up their time to be there,” said IBV CEO Ashok Sewnarain.
Envision a day where 2500 children from over 36 homes around Kwa-Zulu Natal are gifted to a day inclusive of entertainment, endless amounts of food, essentials such a stationary and clothing, games and their childhood role models; from sportsmen to actors and local artists.
Happiness fills the room, with roars of laughter and shrieks of excitement, as thousands of young children pile into the the very place that they have been dreaming of revisiting since the year before. These little VIP's spend the day expressing their creativity in the arts and crafts zone, participate in energetic games within the sports zone, demonstrate their talents in the talent show and enjoy hours of pampering in the beauty zone. From movie screenings to live performances by their favourite performers, there are endless amounts of activities to keep every heart fulfilled.
Children’s VIP Day attracts a number of celebrities and artists who gave their time to make a difference in the lives of over 3000 children. Some of these celebrities include Ricky Rick, Minnie Dlamini, AKA, Anati, Casper Nyovest, Da L.E.S, the cast of Uzalo and many more.
Through the Children’s VIP Day, IBV has forged partnerships with corporates, civic organizations, service providers, small businesses and individuals who have willingly come on board to participate in this innovative event, with the intention of forming lasting relationships with these children’s organizations and homes being the ultimate goal.